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Our micro loans are designed to empower individuals and small businesses alike. We understand that financial constraints can hinder your dreams and aspirations, which is why we believe in providing accessible and flexible solutions to bridge the gap. With our micro loans, you can access small-scale financing quickly and conveniently. Whether you’re looking to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey or need assistance with unforeseen expenses, our micro loan service offers a lifeline to those in need. Our dedicated team of experts works diligently to ensure a seamless application process and personalized assistance throughout your borrowing journey. Apply for a MFS Micro Loan today and unlock the potential to transform your dreams into reality.

Micro Loan Products

Achieve all your goals and aspirations; with the right kind of help, exactly when you need it.

Personal Loans

We offer accessible financing options that can be utilized for a variety of purposes, whether it’s consolidating debt, funding education, or covering unexpected expenses.

Motor Vehicle Repais

If you’re looking to repair your existing vehicle,  our micro loans offer flexible terms and competitive rates, ensuring you have reliable transportation.

Home Repair Loans

Home repairs can often come as a surprise, but our micro loans can help alleviate the financial burden by providing quick access to the necessary funds. Similarly, if you’re struggling with mortgage payments, our micro loans can offer a lifeline to prevent foreclosure and provide temporary relief.

Educational Loans

For education-related expenses such as school fees, our micro loans can ensure uninterrupted education for you or your loved ones. Lastly, in times of emergencies, our micro loans can provide immediate financial assistance to address unforeseen needs and ensure stability during challenging situations.

Wedding Financing

Wedding expenses can be significant, but with our micro loans, you can plan your special day without worrying about financial constraints. Medical expenses can be daunting, especially during emergencies, but our micro loans can provide the necessary funds to cover medical bills and ensure you receive the care you need. Funeral expenses can also be overwhelming, but our micro loans can help ease the financial burden during such difficult times.

Funeral Expense Loans

When facing the unfortunate and emotional burden of funeral expenses, our MFS micro loan service can provide much-needed financial relief during this difficult time. We understand that arranging a dignified farewell for your loved ones is essential, and our micro loans offer a compassionate solution. With our quick and accessible loan process, you can obtain the necessary funds to cover funeral costs promptly.

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Features of a MFS Loan

At our MFS micro loan service, we strive to empower individuals by offering flexible and accessible financing options that cater to their unique needs, ensuring financial stability and the opportunity to achieve their goals.

Faster Turn Around TIme

Applying for a loan is easy with MFS. Our fast Turn around time will get you the financing you need in no time!

Choose your amount

With MFS you can borrow up to $5,000,000!

Enjoy the best rates

Apply today and get rates as low as 2*% monthly! *Conditions Apply

Decide your tenure

You can choose between three and 24 months to repay your loan.

Personal Loan - Requirements

Any salaried, self-employed or adult living in Jamaica is eligible for a personal loan.

  • Job Letter
  • Last 2 Pay Slips
  • Valid Government Issued ID
  • TRN
  • Proof of address

All applications are unique, therefore other documents may be required for each individual.

Frequently Ask Questions

If you have a question that deals with clients, customers or the public in general, there is bound to be a need for the FAQ page.

Yes, our loan terms allow for early payment without any penalties. You have the flexibility to pay off your loan sooner if you wish.

Yes, we offer refinancing options for our loans. If you’re looking to lower your interest rate or adjust your loan terms, refinancing might be a good option for you.

You can apply for a loan at any time. Our application process is available online 24/7, allowing you to conveniently apply whenever it suits you best.

We are located island wide. You may visit any of our locations. However, you can access our services and apply for a loan from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

No, there are no charges associated with your loan application prior to approval.